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Angry White males working as university TA tend to kidnap and kill Asian females. Do you fear these crazy angry whites?

It happened twice in 2009 and in 2017. These males are from the Angry Trump supporters type who made it to TA lab positions. This gives them power to abuse and feel of entitlement. They feel non whites and females are taking what the society owes them since they are white males. Statistically they snap and usually as typical cowards take it on the smaller size Asian females.

African American don't even reach this stage in schools due to the filtering system. This is why Asians take the whole heat and wrath of these psycho whites.

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    To much self-importance brings out the worst in people.

  • they mad they cant get any asian girls whilst asian guys take all the white girls

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    Your delusional rant has no basis of premise.

    Seek help.

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