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How come people criticize an autistic man for downloading some pictures of girls on facebook?

So I extremely am into chinese girls especially these miss chinatown contestants. I added one of them and she accepted it and I liked a few of her photos and downloaded about 10 pictures of her wearing these beautiful chinese qipao dresses. I am an crossdresser myself and I have about 20 of those dresses including one extremely elegant evening gown qipao. I downloaded these pictures because I like them and I want to keep them so I can look at it and copy their look. I've bought quite a few things to cosplay as them including crowns and hair accessories and wigs and even make up. People said that what I am doing is immature and says that it is extremely creepy. They said these girls can figure out that I downloaded them. They can't cause i have a sock puppet account and added myself to it and downloaded a few photos and I never got a notification that I downloaded it. I'm not hurting anyone or her so I don't get why is it wrong and immature to do this. People said it is illegal to dress up as an miss chinatown contestant. Why is it immature and wrong to do this when I am not hurting her at all ?? Why can't I be inspired by her and try to copy her look ?? Why is it illegal to impersonate a miss chinatown contestant ?

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  • 7 months ago

    If you are telling people about this behavior expecting them to agree with you then it is creepy.

    Your "autism" means that you are unable to recognize normal, mature social interactions. I don't think you are autistic I rather think you are psychopathic given what you have posted about yourself.

    It is only illegal to dress up as Miss Chinatown if you are presenting yourself publicly that way. Given your incessant need for attention I'm betting you probably have tried this more than once. It is only illegal to misrepresent yourself in an effort to gain power, money or access to other fringe benefits. If you do it only in your home, nobody else is harmed, but living in a fantasy world with no relevance to reality is childish and immature.

    If you don't want to be called a creep, quit oversharing your issues, jabob.

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    7 months ago

    how do they know you are doing this? you cannot track what pictures people have downloaded....if you believed that you are dumb.

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  • 7 months ago

    Get a life...................

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