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Have you ever experienced Paranormal premonitions?

Have you ever experienced premonitions, such as knowing that someone was going to call just before the phone rang? Or that someone was going to visit before that person knocked on your door? Or maybe just felt that someone wasn’t quite right before something happened or maybe just a good luck feeling before fortune occurred? If so how good are you at those feelings

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  • Mr. P
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    7 months ago
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    I am particularly bad at predicting the future, but fortunately my partner is better at it.

    I did see an image of Amy Winehouse dead in the bath about 2 weeks before she was found dead, but I suppose we all saw she was heading this way. She wasn't found dead in the bath by the way, but on the bed, but interesting that Whitney Houston WAS found dead in the bath 6 months later.

    My partner was a passenger when a car overtook us last year, and she said they will come off the road at the roundabout -and sure enough less than half a mile further on - there they were on the roof.

    But these are about the only times I can think of.

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  • 7 months ago

    I experienced that in my chilidhood. I dreamed, I almost hit my head in a playing moving on the bed and exactly that happened some days later. I remembered that dream in this moment but was unable to do something else to change that.

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  • 7 months ago

    Yes, very vivid and accurate but so rubbish that it was a waste of paranormal. The last one was a dream that I visited a flea market and saw a female I went to school with. She was a couple of years below me so far too young for me at the time. She wasn't ugly but she was more of a plain Jane sort of person. I never saw much of her and had never even spoken to her so she was no miss to me when I left school. About 45 years later, I dreamed I went to a local flea market. Nothing spectacular about that as I often do like to visit the local one.

    I dreamed that I walked up to a stall and there was this person. It was her stall. I recognised her and thought, "there's a face I haven't seen since school. I then woke up. I thought "what the hell made me think of her" but by the time I got downstairs, the dream, as they do, had gone. Later, I decided to look at the marked as I often did on a Saturday. The dream was still gone and had nothing to do with my decision. I looked around but couldn't see anything I fancied. As I drove home, I saw a school holding a jumble sale so I wandered in.

    The first stall I looked at and there she was. The dream flooded back to me and I spoke to her for the very first time. She was amazed when I told her I had had the dream about her with her stall. She had no special message for me as I had nothing for her. We didn't hit it off or anything so that is what I meant by a waste of paranormal. Why the hell did that happen? It still beats me.

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  • 7 months ago

    I have had experiences where that has happened. Hard to say if it is anything other than coincidence or what. I have a desire to believe that there is some sort of psychic messaging or premonition, but desires and reality are often not at all the same things. I remain unconvinced despite the events where that has happened. I accept that the normal vagaries of reality could lead to feelings being confirmed by events without there being any actual causative links.

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  • If I make up some story about how amazingly accurate I am at predicting things will you believe me without question and give me best answer?

    Because if I don't do it someone else will.

    Edit : I did have a friend and every time I rang him up he'd say "I was just thinking of you." :D

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  • Anonymous
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