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Is It Common To Not Look Like Your Ethnic Makeup If You’re Not Mixed?

I’m 17 and actually full Chinese and sometimes people ask me if I’m Indonesian, Filipino or even half white and half Asian. Am I just an outlier because I may look somewhat different?

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  • Anonymous
    10 months ago
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    Sometimes, anything can happen because there is no such a thing like a race.

    Joseph Zeng is full Chinese (at least within 2 previous generations ) actor but some people think he's half white.

    But Southern Chinese actually are mixed with Southeast Asians like Indonesia etc, and beside there are a lot of Chinese descents in Indonesia and Malaysia, some westerners even think Southeast Asian people are the same like East Asian people. And check out the white YouTuber LaoWai who has a Chinese wife from Southern China, after DNA check he found out that his wife is actually not even full Chinese, she's mixed with Southeast Asian

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  • Zirp
    Lv 7
    10 months ago

    yes, ethnicity is not about looks or genetics

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  • 10 months ago

    Were all different(dopplegangers i mean no ofence), maybe your family has some foreign blood in its lineage way back, or your just different, there are many case of 2 white parents having a coloured child, the other way round also, embrace your difference, unless you look like trump i wouldnt worry about it(anyone else think he looks like an albino goldfish)

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  • Anonymous
    10 months ago

    no, stop looking down on your natural asian features. stop being ashamed of being Chinese.

    asian people have a horrible habit of worshiping Eurocentric or eurasian standards of beauty

    @Hello, you probably only perceive it that way because you want to be special or different from billions of other Chinese.

    sorry but you are human like everyone else. everyone has their own opinions on other people. not everyone thinks the same way so what others think is meaningless. the fact is that whether someone perceives you as Indonesian or Filipino doesn't mean much since another person might differ in how he or she thinks you look

    I been told plenty of times by different people that I look this ethnicity or that ethnicity. so it really doesn't matter , nor does it make you special if you think you look different

    @stahn, so you admit you are racist and a troll?

    @hello, you are asking specifically if you are an outlier or different just because some people have said you look a certain ethnicity, so the fact Is that you are trying to seek approval from others as to whether you look different. so if you don't think you feel special, then there really is no motive in asking such a question in the first place

    so it doesn't matter whether you stated that you want to feel special or not, its really the whole intent of asking the question in the first place.

    if you don't care about wanting to feel special or different, then why would you even ask such a weird question in the first place?? there is obviously some ulterior motive in the question based on how you worded it

    @stahn, its a simple question based on an ulterior motive. the question is implying that the asker is wondering if he or she is unique for looking a certain way when its utterly meaningless since nobody is special or unique for looking a certain way

    so claiming that I have mental issues shows that you really don't understand the whole point of what this question is about in the first place

    and the fact that you called me a black person with an iq of 85 shows you probably are a racist that resorts to personal attacks

    @stahn, who cares what she looks like? its a pointless and meaningless question. you should stop obsessing over how someone looks because it creates a sense of identity of someones worth and its pathetic and stupid

    @stahn, and its trying to seek approval from others. its like an identity complex of wondering if I am different, or unique, or special?? who cares? get a life and care more about important things in life because wondering if you are different because people say you don't look Chinese is just self-centered

    @stahn, and btw I wasn't judging, I was simply analyzing why this person would ask such a question in the first place.

    @stahn yes, thanks for your criticism and assumption of saying that I have a mental issue. I guess you can accuse me of being critical while being critical and presumptuous yourself

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    • hello10 months agoReport

      I don’t spend 24/7 of my life thinking I am special because according to others, I don’t look that Chinese. I only asked this question because naturally I got curious because so many people keep asking me what my ethnicity is.

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  • 10 months ago

    Not really. It is not very likely at all tbh

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