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What's been your experience with giving injections to a diabetic cat?

I've never done this before, and I have no one to help as recommended.

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    It's easy! But if you have no experience and are unsure, then make a vet tech appointment. They will show you and walk you through the process so that you have more confidence in doing this. The needle on the insulin syringe is tiny, tiny and it goes into the scruff of the neck where the cat has very little feeling. It's not one that you inject into the muscle. Generally people give it when their cat is eating and distracted. Fill the syringe, make a 'pinch' of skin in the back of the neck, push in the syringe, and press the plunger. Done! Trust me - it will bother you more than the cat. But call and get a vet tech to show you how, so you feel more confident doing it.

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    Why would you not be asking your VET how to do this? Then once you know how to do this train a backup friend or family member s you have someone when you're unable to do it.

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    The only time I was faced with injecting any of mine (dogs not cats) was when a litter went down with a gastric bug and rather than take them too and from my vet (a distance away), he gave me what was needed to inject them. Hated doing it. Ditto with another situation where another vet, in another town, gave me two lots of oxytocin to inject my b itch who was in secondary inertia. I got one done, but hated doing it so I took her back to that vet who by then, as there'd been no improvement, went on to do a CSection.

    This is something student vets have to learn how to do, to get it right. I suggest you get back to your vet for help with this!!

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    its not very hard. inject diabetes into the accessible hole with syringe. easy does it man.

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    5 months ago

    So see a vet for help, you have to learn how to do it don't you?

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