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is it bad that my son is a strong night owl?

since he turned 11, he loves to go to bed very late and sleep most of the next day away. gradually as he’s gotten older, he falls asleep later and later which now he’ll crash at 6am and awake at 4 or 5pm. he’s 16 and going to be a junior in august. he does online school and has great grades because he does do the work at night, saying he feels much more creative and happy working at night. i can’t keep telling him to go to bed though because i have work in the morning so i can’t watch him. he does what he needs to do though long story short and causes no problems. a good kid. i’m just curious if this will affect his health negatively later in life.

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    No, that is not bad but he should be getting more sleep. As long as he is not doing this on school nights or when he has to get up early then that is okay. I personally think it would be healthier for his sleep schedule and eating habits if he went to bed before 3am. i am a night owl as well but, if he does this every night it does not seem healthy. To to make a sleeping schedule for him when it is time for him to go back to school or even now? Just he should wake up to eat breakfast and lunch and he needs to exercise. It is okay to be a night owl but, the way he is doing it is a little too far. He should be going to bed before 3:00 am or 4 maybe (not recommended) and get at least 7 hours of sleep. make sure he is fed well, exercises, and gets to spend time outdoors.

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