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There is secret war between Israel & USA. What will happen at last?

We Israel will sink US dollar soon. CIA is supported by Israel's enemies and will be destroyed as well.....

We deactivated Hollywood, because Hollywood is 3rd degree cinema without Jews..... (Experts know this is true & Honest)...



they burned my relatives all 7 kids in burning by fire..

Update 2:

they live in NY are Jewish..

Update 3:

I help Mossad against CIA & Israel against USA..

Update 4:

USD is nothing man. Israel has much stronger control of currency in the globe..

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  • JonZ
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    5 months ago
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    Israel is a parasite country that would be obliterated if the US did not give it money snd support!

    • Mshe5 months agoReport

      illusional. Why do you think Jews only came to USA doing those things in USA & became rich & advanced in USA Only? Jews exist every where, in europe, in Asia, etc. They are not native to USA, & don't forget: you are nothing without Jews...

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