Are there any amplifier EQ s or downloadable filters I can use on my Galaxy S10+ phone that replicate the "tube amp pro" filter?

I ve had the sweetest sounding system in my truck and being an audiophile it really bugs me that I can t "feel" my bass as much anymore. Long story short, I upgraded from the Galaxy S9 which still had the "tube amp pro" effect option on the equalizer on the phone. It made my music pop and just FEEL so damn good. It really made my sub sing and come to life. I have a JL Audio TW3 2 ohm. Sadly on the S10 software, Samsung took it away for some reason and I m super bummed about it because now my music doesnt sound as good. I have a Pioneer FH-X731BT head unit with a 13 band graphic EQ and I ve been able to tweak it but I still cant find a way to replicate that filter. I m willing to purchase whatever I need to bring my system back to life. I ve searched online and cant find anything. All the equalizers you can download either dont work or dont work over bluetooth. Any advice and help is much appreciated!

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  • 6 months ago

    Being a basshead is not the same as being an audiophile.

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  • khalil
    Lv 7
    6 months ago


    buld a 10 stages filter box with level displays (led) and an amplifier

    now enjoy listening

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  • 6 months ago

    Wanting to "feel" bass is an indication that you may be addicted to excessive bass.

    That is not natural.

    While Pioneer makes some good car stereo components,

    there are brands that offer noticeably better sound quality.

    Manufacturers "giveth and taketh" features.

    If you like a feature, tell the company.

    Sound effects that do anything but pass the signal straight through with no alteration

    may be interesting and enjoyable for a short time, but they work against accuracy.

    I prefer accuracy over novelty, so I woud not want an app

    that changed the sound of what I was listening to.

    • Nick Hoffman6 months agoReport

      Feeling bass is something that I look forward to. I guess if I'm constantly craving that feeling then sure I'm addicted. Nothing wrong with that. While I appreciate your take on your subjective musical preferences, I'm looking for someone to point me in the right direction to finding a solution.

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