Nellsie asked in PetsCats · 7 months ago

why has the hunger of the ancients awakened in my cat?

my cat was spayed yesterday, and since then she's gone through the normal process of sleeping off her anesthesia and attempting to jump on things she isn't supposed to jump on, but something kind of(?) abnormal has occurred.

my cat eats 2 wet food meals a day, and free feeds on dry food throughout, and she seems generally content with this any other day, but since surgery it seems like her spirit has become thoroughly dionysian—intoxicated, gluttonous, and unable to leave me alone whilst i eat my spaghetti. this is odd to me, considering the post-op advice included a tidbit that she'd probably have very little appetite and/or nausea, which seemed to be the case when we first came home, but like a siege upon rome, that appetite loss has soon been overrun with the hunger of the ancients.

she's also exhibited some strange behavior in regards to her water bowl, which she's been pushing back and forth and spilling onto the floor. she's clearly thirsty and wants to drink it, but she's just doing so in the most bizarre way imaginable—by dipping her paw into the bowl and making a gigantic mess.

tl;dr: why is my cat so gotdamn hungry upon uterus removal.

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  • J C
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    7 months ago
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    It can take 24-48 hours for all the anesthesia to leave her system. In the meantime, odd behavior can be expected. Just give her some more recovery time and she'll return to normal.

    • Nellsie7 months agoReport

      i did want to thank you and other commentors! she's been fairly normal since yesterday, though she's gotten a little fussy about having to wear her cone and take her pain medication. she's mostly back to normal (though demanding larger portions at mealtimes still.)

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  • 7 months ago

    My cat walks on the edge of the water dish, dips a paw, and drinks. Sometimes she falls in. It might be the final hormone rush, it may be just cat crazies.

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  • Sharon
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    7 months ago

    I know several cats that use a paw to dip into water or food. Why yours has such a personality change, though, I can't say. Perhaps ask your vet

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  • 7 months ago

    Shes recovering, she’s going to eat more and drugs may make her act weird...

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