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Is there a way to bypass or find my screen time passcode on iPhone?

So basically, I set myself a screen time passcode to avoid spending too much time on my phone. As a teenager with anxiety, I feel like my phone is negatively effecting me, so I set up Screen Time in hopes that I can’t access it. Little did I know I accidentally restricted all internet access. I don’t know the passcode, I set a random one and forgot it. I’ve tried everything, I contacted Apple to reset my iphone, yes, I’ve tried PinFinder, and nothing seems to be working. Really need some help here.

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    Oh, the things people do to try to fool themselves,

    with the emphasis on FOOL.

    If you can't control yourself any better than that, get some help.

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    • spacemissing
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      I can control My self. That makes me a Winner of Some sort. ----- And, no one forced you to vote my answer best. You could have let it go, but you Didn't. Why?

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