What if every Movie ever made, Marvel Cinematic Universe, DC, Ect. was Reality? How insane would the Universe be right now in Everyday Life?

If every single Film ever in Existence actually was Reality, It would just be flat out Total Chaos any and Everywhere! There would be Explosion's everywhere, Superhero fights with Villains, Monsters, Giants, crazy-looking People/Characters from all kinds of Film's, couples kissing Ect. If I could hide somewhere safe, I'll try to Film the Spider-gang (Miles Morales, Peter Parker, Peni Parker, Spider-gwen, Spider-noir, and Spider-ham fighting all Villains of Spider-Man including the new monster Green Goblin and Kingpin. I'll also try to Film Marvel and DC Superhero's/Villains fight each other like a Fictional war in front of my own two Eyes! The Possibility's are Limitless/Unlimited. Any and Everything can happen at any time!

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  • Anonymous
    7 months ago
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    Nah the good guys would always win.

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  • 7 months ago

    Cool now we have Batman villains like the Joker to deal with he would come after you first.

    • Emanuel7 months agoReport

      Oh really? Not so sure about that.

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