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My step dad doesn't love me anymore?

Soo my step dad came into our lives when I was nine and at first, it was great. He was nice and caring to my mom, sister and I, and I quickly got attatched. But things have changed since then. He's always angry now, screaming and not understanding when I get upset because of it. All he listens to is politics and is now a mega conspiracy theorist. Now he drinks constantly. Every. Single. Day. My mom is barely hanging on a thread and we all have to walk on eggshells around him. All he cares about now is his little dog, who attacks everyone accept me. He even called me over dramatic when the dog bit my elbow and it started bleeding. He spoils that dog to death and is the reason he has so many issues. I try to contain my feelings, but I feel like he's completely forgot about me. He even almost made plans with some of his friends until my mom reminded him that my birthday is on that day. It really hurts, I've spent nearly have my life with someone that I used to consider a dad when my real one left when I was three, just for it to be all thrown away. Now, I've been replaced by a little dog that bites at us while he just sits there and watches.

I was just wondering, is there anything I can do to fix our relationship? I honestly don't know if I really want it to be fixed, especially since it's all went to hell since my mom bought a house and everyone moved in. But want to try until my mom sells the house and gets a better job to leave and I go off for college..

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    if hes being abusive talk to cps about it

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    You are in a tough spot. And the reasons you are there have nothing to do with what you have done, and all traced back to your mom's decision. She allowed the divorce to happen, and she remarried a guy you had no voice in selecting. But here you are.

    If you try to get resolution through a school counselor, you risk ending up in the foster care system that could be a worse situation than you are in now.

    Your first course of action is probably having a talk with your mom. Tell her about your feelings as you described them in your post. And tell her you'd like for the problems to stop so you and your sister can be kids again. Ask that she talk to you and your sister to understand the feelings you have about your current situation. If she is reluctant to really address the problem, ask her if you can see a counselor to help you with your feelings. You are not living the life a kid should experience, and you mom should take it upon herself to make things happy and carefree again.

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