Gerardo asked in SportsCycling · 6 months ago

How can you improvise in making a bike trailer out of your bike and a wagon?

I just thought of using a strong rope to tie a wagon that transports both passengers and cargo so I can carry the mail from my mailbox to my house.

What’s your way to improvise?

1 Answer

  • Jon
    Lv 7
    6 months ago

    Not towing with a rope - that will cause the trailer to bump into the back of the towing bike when the bike stops, and perhaps get the rope tangled in the wheel or chain. You need a rigid towbar.

    There are several websites with advice on home-made cargo trailers (see below for examples). However your words "from my mailbox to my house" sugget that you only want to use this trailer on private property. If so, it could be very crude (such as a garden trolley fixed to a bike with an old broomstick). The plans below are for trailers which could be safely and legally used on public roads.

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