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Progressive women in congress. Are there only four?? This is a sincere question. I remember the SOTU speech and about 30 or 40 were all...?

...dressed in baker's uniforms, sitting in an unbroken cluster.

There were many, many Whites and some Asians, too.



WHERE were these precise FOUR singled out in the President's tweet???


I know his language could mean any of several things. And that is EXACTLY the point. It's why he words things as he does.

And it gets the media riled into a white-hot coil spring of fury. (you guys realize, that's kind of the best part, right?)

BUT!!! The fact remains, he never named names and there ARE, DEFINITELY way more than FOUR progressive women in the congress.


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  • 6 months ago

    They are women and they are not white. The hate must flow.....

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  • -j.
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    6 months ago

    What about progressive congressmen? Why don't they have to "go back" to "where they came from"?

    Is your argument that Trump isn't racist, he's only sexist?

    Is this what passes for moral victories for Republicans these days?

    Lol @ you.

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    • -j.
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      6 months agoReport

      I don't think he's ever told one to "go back" to "where they came from", no. Any proof to the contrary?

      Or just more false equivalencies? You guys seem to love those.

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