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What should a non-Muslim woman know getting involved with a Muslim man?

He tried to bring it up to me once before, but I can tell he's uncomfortable talking about it. What should I know about

Dating & Relationships?




Anything else I should know?


Actually, he treats me very well and always says how much he loves me. I don't even waste my time with men who are bad partners.

Update 2:

bender_xr217: I tried, but he became more nervous as he spoke. I had heard from someone else that a lot of Muslims don't date. They just wait until marriage. Other Muslims are open to dating, but they tend to other people who practiced Islam. I just wanted to know more about Islam so I have a better understanding.

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    If you're considering being his "significant other", in any capacity... you should ask him what his expectations are.

    Actually, that's something one ought to do anyway.

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    Should a woman be involved with a rabid dog?

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  • DP.
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    The fact he won't discuss with you is very telling. He has every reason to be uncomfortable because he knows how his culture and faith treats women.

    ..oh Muslims will claim that in their faith they treat Muslims with respect and dignity but they lie. They will point to some Quranic verses but conveniently leave out others (

    ......................but more to the point, take a look around the world at how women are treated in Islamic countries. As a woman you are a second class citizen and in marriage he has the right to rape you!

    Of course, some Muslim men are less radical and often caring but there's no way of you KNOWING if your guy is putting on an act or if he's genuine... He certainly lives in a culture and environment where women are poorly treated and he's not standing up women and voicing his disagreement on their treatment............ remember the consequences for you could be dire!

    If I were you I would RUN from this guy, putting aside fickle emotions and allow logic, evidence and sense to have their way to ensure a better life!

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  • 7 months ago

    Burkas, oppression, honor killings, beatings, silence.

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    He will treat you like his property as soon as the marriage ceremony is concluded. He doesn't like to talk about it because he doesn't want to you catch on that you will be his sex slave, cook, incubator and punching bag all in one. Stay away. Sharia law is against women!

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