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Calling for a judge in Yugioh question?

So my opponent made a mistake and tried to use Guardragon Elpy and another monster on his side of the field as link material for the LInk summon of Knightmare Phoenix. At first I told him he couldn't do that because Knightmare Phoenix is a fiend type monster and while Guardragon Elpy is on the field he can't summon another monster if it's not a Dragon type. He typed "Pause" on duelingbook and took 2 minutes for some reason so I asked him what is he doing. He said he was looking at rulings and at this point I decided to finally call a judge. He came back and i believe at this point he said he could Link summon Knightmare Phoenix using Elpy as material and I told him I don't think he could do that and proceeded to tell him to wait for a judge. He said he was talking to a judge right now and proceeded to post a URL of what seemed to be an image of something (I presume it was him talking to a judge) but i refused to click on it and proceeded to tell him to wait for a judge again. He said he didn't want to wait 5 minutes for a judge and told me to hurry up and continue the game. He proceeds to call me names and a crybaby and tries to make me "happy". I was very offended by his remarks and his lack of professionalism. After the end of the day we seemed to have resolved the problem. he did do everything right after I looked at the duel replay available on duelingbook, but now I would like to ask if this how the yugioh community is?


Do people just call you names and try to degrade you if they don't like how things are going? Is there anything i could do about this? during the time me and my opponent were waiting for a judge (about 5-7 min wait) my opponent kept calling me names and trying to degrade me and he kept changing his plays and moving his cards. I told him to stop doing that and to wait for a judge.

Update 2:

He kept calling me names and taunted me saying "look, now i changed my play. what is the judge going to do now?". After reviewing the duel record on duelingbook it looks like he made legal plays after taking back his play of trying to Link Summon Knightmare Phoenix but my problem here is that he was clearing taunting me (as if the judge would NEVER be on my side), calling me names and continuing to move his cards around without me looking. This called a lot of confusion for me.

Update 3:

The first judge finally came in and he reviewed the duel log and said everything was legal and to now continue the duel. At this point i was confused because my opponent kept talking and was distracting me while he kept moving his cards around and I felt like he didn't want to wait for the judge so he kept playing it off. I told him he had to re do the turn but the judge said to not re do the turn and to continue. Judge said if i wanted to i could look at the log

Update 4:

So i proceeded to look at the log like the judge said. Then my opponent kept forcing me to make plays and told me to hurry up. My opponent got fed up with the waiting so he called a judge himself this time and told them i was stalling. I asked the 2nd judge if looking at the duel log was considered stalling and if it was then i would be more than happy to stop looking at the log and continue the game. The 2nd judge said the first just allowed me to look at the log but he also said at this point

Update 5:

to just continue the duel. So I said ok but i asked the judge if there was any way to review the duel log and he told me after the duel was finished i could go to main menu of and look at the duel again. I said ok and so we continued the duel and he did end up winning, but after all that i felt so drained and i was not feeling on top of my game. This could have led me to make mistakes and to lose the game vs if i felt confident and energized. In the real world is there

Update 6:

something you could do about these type of situations where your opponent calls you names, degrades you and keeps moving his or her cards around even after you have called a judge? The judge was not there at the moments he called name names and moved his cards around but he came after that had already happened and tried to make me look like the bad guy.

Update 7:

Here is the Duel Replay link from of me vs him from the beginning all the way to the end. It recorded everything that happened step for step. unfortunately there is no "rewind" button so you have to close and open the link again to see everything that is happening.

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  • Bob
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    7 months ago

    The only thing you can do is to make a point to never play against this opponent again.

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  • Karen
    Lv 5
    7 months ago

    Don't you just hate it when this happens?

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  • Anonymous
    7 months ago

    I'm very happy to judge on your behalf.

    My decision is that you need mental health counseling and that you get a job (or find something else to keep yourself busy).

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