What quote is this?

I remember seeing a quote a few years back, it goes something like this, "if you live in the past you can t live in the future" I think it was by Ernest Hemmingway, but when I Google it, there no sign of Ernest using this quote, and I can t even find the quote itself.

Perhaps there is some wording wrong in the quote but is quite similar, and if so do you know of any similar quotes Ernest used?

Any help appreciated,

Wrecking my brain.

1 Answer

  • 1 year ago

    Whoever said it is probably trying to sound erudite but is, in fact, citing nonsense. NO ONE LIVES IN THE FUTURE! All we can do concerning the future is try to anticipate what it will bring and usually we are wrong. There are lots of examples, but if you're interested read just the first few chapters of A.E. Clarke's "Profiles of The Future." In it he states that its takes enormous courage to attempt to predict what the future will bring because any prediction you make will, to most people, seem fantastical and absurd.

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