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Help read description please?

In the past few days my Rasbora Tetra that has a School of Seven has recently developed this white lump spot on him kind of looks like flesh to me then today he's developed two more on the same side I think it's a bacterial infection but I don't think it's ick because I've treated it and it doesn't look like ick it would do that the guy at one of my local stores I called gave me an attitude about testing my water even though the fish is only had it for a day I don't test my water daily I tested weekly the monthly I was actually going to test it soon but then they got gave me an attitude the pH looks like it's at a 6.7 and I treated it was Meafix last night it didn't seem to do anything my other tanks that I just set up has ick but that normal when setting up a new tank for me as I treated and it usually clears up in about week to a month and that tank is already shown signs of getting better anyway back to the rise board if anyone knows what what's wrong with the Rasbora please tell me if u say something about me testing my water weekly be warned I also just did a water change on that tank yesterday when I discovered it thank you and sorry for making you read this LOL

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  • Anonymous
    6 months ago

    So the dude gave you "attitude"; you're not going to like me at all.

    • Nick6 months agoReport

      Lol dude

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