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Anonymous asked in Consumer ElectronicsGames & GearPC · 11 months ago

Trying to pick the best PC parts?

I'm still new on picking PC parts so can anyone tell me if this list of PC parts is ok or I need to change some things?

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  • 10 months ago

    The people who answer questions in the YA! building forums here are fairly civil. The problem with Yahoo Answers is there are 2 distinct forums for Desktop Computers. If you refer to the build as a "Desktop" it gets put into the other forum and if you refer to the build as a "PC" the question goes to this forum.

    And on other building forums, it's very, very, very easy to pick a fight. I've seen people hurl insults over the use of the word "Bottleneck" or "Futureproofing", biases towards certain products, and fights over brand loyalty. One thing to look for is links, reviews and evidence that supports a particular statement or a point of view.

    The first thing to consider when building a PC is what kind of monitor are you going to use and what kind sort of image quality do you desire. People on other forums call these performance goals.

    Hundreds on another forum? On the pcpartpicker forums there are around a dozen people who know what they're talking about. Pretty much any tech site with a forum has a builders discussion forum and each forum has around a dozen regulars who answer questions about builds. So it might not hurt to solicit advice from multiple sources.

    Let's break down your list.

    i9-9900k, Still the best gaming CPU out there but the i7-9700k is able to match it. The brand new Ryzen 9 3900x comes close.

    Kraken x72, it's nice but these 360mm AIO coolers aren't very efficient or that good. The x72 seems to lose to the x62 and the EVGA clc280. These 360mm coolers should be a lot better than what they are. Still the x72 is nice.

    Maximus 11 Hero, It's a solid board but the Z390 Aorus Master is better. Also, the Hero series is not the top of the line. The best z390 boards are the MSI z390 Godlike, Gigabyte Aorus Extreme, and the Asus Maximus 11 Extreme, and they're all overkill. Also, Intel plans to ditch the 1151 socket at the beginning of next year in favor of a new socket for Comet Lake. Still the Hero is a solid board but it uses a doubler VRM which people don't care for.

    64gb of DDR4-4000 RAM, WOW, just wow. You'd barely put a dent in 32gb let alone 64gb. Also, I highly doubt it will clock up to 4000mhz either. Clocking 32gb up to 4000mhz would be a royal pain. Just to let you know, you'd have to go into the BIOS and enable XMP in order for the RAM to clock up to it's rated speed. With 64gb it will most likely clock to 2133mhz, if not 2400mhz if you're lucky.

    860 EVO, A solid drive and a smart choice. You could go for a 960 M.2 drive but you'd barely notice the difference. Smart money pick there.

    Asus Strix O11G RTX 2080ti.

    Nice card but I wouldn't spend $1200 on an Asus card because they are terrible at honoring their own warranty. I'd strongly suggest an MSI or EVGA if you're going to spend that kind of money on a card. A card like the FTW3 will be able to match the Strix and if the card breaks then EVGA will not fight you when you want it replaced. I've dealt with Asus CS in the past and their RMA department is very low budget. You could spend 2 or 3 months trying to get your card replaced.

    The die size of the TU102 is very large and the GDDR6 memory are the reasons for the extreme pricetag. I would only recommend this card for gaming at 4k or on a 1440p 144hz monitor, because it will go to waste with or on anything else.

    NZXT H700i case. I'd actually look up user reviews on this case because the people who wrote those reviews have hands on experience with the product. Personally I bought an NZXT Phantom case years ago and I wasn't overly impressed with it. Thermaltake and Corsair seem to do okay. One brand that I'm impressed with is Phanteks. The H700i has plenty of room but is it's build quality on par with Corsair, Phanteks, and Fractal Design?

    Seasonic Prime, This Power supply get's dinged because it uses a single +12v rail. The reason for this is multi rail PSU's like the Corsair HX1000 have overvoltage protection on each rail, whereas a single rail unit sets a higher voltage protection limit on that single rail. I'm not real sure here how well reviewers could test or prove it this without blowing up a few power supplies. Still this is one of the best 1000w units.

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  • 11 months ago

    Join a discussion group for PC builders. Here you will be lucky to get two people who even know what you are talking about. On a PC builder's group, there will be hundreds of extremely knowlegable people. People go to Yahoo Answers primarily for entertainment and to pick fights.

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