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Audison or JL Audio?

I am new to car Audio, I just bought a kenwood excelon dmx 905s head unit and will buy some component speakers from my front doors to begin with. I have two options JL Audio C1-650 or Audison APK 165, which brand is better?

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  • 6 months ago

    Most aftermarket speakers need about 50-75 watts to perform well without distortion. Aftermarket speakers perform much better around 75-100 watts but 50 watts is adequate. Your head unit is too weak, it's not gonna get those aftermarket speakers coming alive.

    Here are some more high quality brands I'll recommend for you and you pick of what you WANT.

    Rockford Fosgate - Since 1973, very nice and common.


    CT Sounds

    Kicker - Since 1973, one of the most popular brand that people jump into.

    B2 Audio

    Skar Audio

    NVX Audio

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  • 6 months ago

    Your stereo will output 22 watts rms per channel regardless of the speakers you use. The speakers spec so close to each other, you'll have to listen to them to tell which suits you better. They handle 60 rms watts, both brands. Though both brands bottom at 60 Hz and top way up where only a dog can hear and no musical instrument plays, they should both handle all the stereo throws at them- all 22 rms watts.

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  • Anonymous
    6 months ago

    Coke or Pepsi ? Both are very good but what it comes down to is that those particular the Audison's can handle twice the power of those particular JL's so it depends on whether you plan to install an amplifier or not. The Audison's would definitely be massive overkill and a waste of money if you aren't. For loud, distortion-free music it is highly recommended to add an amplifier because any head unit is low power [yours is 22 watts rms per channel ] and can cause signal distortion at high volume levels - distortion that can quickly destroy expensive speakers.

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