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Can someone who is an expert help me to give meaning to these dreams and nightmares?

Sorry for the grammar, but I'm not English. For a few days now, I've been making dreams that are very different from usual and in more nightmares, which are very rare that I do them.

I usually dream of things that make no sense and that I play another role.

For example in one I was traveling by plane with a friend of mine with a technological bracelet, on an archipelago populated by indigenous-unemployed people and we doing missions. How to defeat a pirate in a Minecraft-style port, shoot missiles at a metal school, kill Dracula in a disco catacomb, fight a green metamorph in a wooden museum in two rounds.

This was one of those I remember, but recently I am having dreams of the kind that I take a shower and then watched a movie, as it is in my routine. In fact when I woke up I exchanged the dream in my memory.

Instead of nightmares, practically there is this person who I like in reality life who in the nightmare is abused, sexually submissive and once married by a king of a state that does not exist composed only of a mountain, another time a sheikh, a another time by a bearded bodybuilder and then again a porn actor. All this while I am being abused by a person who does not at all attract me sexually or from my mother and forced to watch from the bullies I had when I went to school.

Every time I woke up I felt traumatized.

Could someone explain to me what all this means and how to fix it?

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    This will seem very harsh, but it is the only way you will get the true meaning of your dreams. There is an old say, "Garbage in, Garbage out." This applies to your daily routine which shows that you find rest in the evenings by watching these movies on TV. Ordinary a movie is enjoyable, but it seems as if they are the cause of your nightmares. Try and find a different way to entertain yourself in the evening. It is worth a try. Find a hobby you can enjoy in the evenings. Listen to music. Or you could take a class late in the afternoon, and get involved with other people and others dreams. I wish you well.

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      Thanks for the BA!

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