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Do you think it’s possible I am pregnant?

Hi, so I had sex on June 18, and it was my first time so i bled a lot... like literally bled for hours after and like filled up a pad it was so bad. It eventually went away though. But then on June 22, i started bleeding again but it was very weird. It was when i was supposed to get my period, but it was not like how my periods normally are, it was very light and only lasted like 3-4 days and no cramps whatsoever almost just didn’t even feel like a normal period i can’t explain it it felt different. So fast forward to this month. I started getting light cramps this past week on my pelvic/ abdominal area and lower back. I never get cramps before my period with PMS ever (im lucky). And I got my period yesterday morning, but it hasn’t been red. It’s been super light and just dark brown colored. This also NEVER happens to me EVER and I’ve had my period for 5 years now never experienced this in my life. I only get dark brown colored blood on my 5th day when my period is about to end, the beginning is always a medium flow with clots and is red. This is just super weird no clots very light, and dark brown colored and it’s day 2 now. Idk i feel like this is so stupid but i know with early pregnancy women can bleed i know I’m probably just paranoid and it’s dumb but do u think there’s a possibility there, like is it worth buying a test? Or did u have any weird bleeding while being pregnant idk i feel like i just need to hear others experiences with this since it’s new to me. Thanks.

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    It could be hormones.. having sex for the first time can release hormones you might not have experienced before, and this could be what's caused the change in your period...

    However, you are correct in saying some women do experience light bleeding in the very early stages of pregnancy. I would suggest buying a test... if anything it will put your mind to rest!

    All the best!

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