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For which of the following objects is the orbital motion (direction of motion around the orbit) retrograde?

the four Galilean satellites of Jupiter

the Martian satellite Phobos

the planet Venus

most of the satellites of Jupiter beyond the innermost eight

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    Some of the outer moons of Jupiter that gravitationally captured asteroids. If they gain enough angular momentum, they can escape and orbit The Sun instead of Jupiter.

    Phobos' orbit is prograde, but it orbits Mars so fast it seems to retrograde ON MARS by rising in the west and setting in the east because of Mars slower rotation rate. Phobos is moving closer to Mars. Eventually the gravitational stresses and strains will tear

    Phobos apart and create a ring at the Roche limit.

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    Jupiters outer moons

    Source(s): Moons of the Solar System (2nd edition) Thomas Hamilton, Strategic Books, 2019
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