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Whats wrong with my dog?

Sometimes my dog will act like shes going to throw up, then swallows it and just keeps doing it, then starts going around the edges of everything in the current room, just eating whatever is there which is mostly occasional hair from my parents cats. When we let her outside so she can vomit/eat grass she eats till she pukes then tries to eat the vomit, and my parents think sometimes she keeps doing it because it gives her attention and shes known for playing the victim, but my brother thinks its because when she was a puppy she got into road salt (we took her to the vet for that when it happened, they pumped her stomach etc.)

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    You do not give enough information IMO for a good answer. In all likelihood the dog IS suffering some degree of nausea but WHY...would be a better question, and a good one for your vet.

    1) What happened as a puppy with the rock salt HAS NO BEARING on this, and the dog is NOR playing "victim".

    2) Dogs do not FAKE nausea.

    In all likelihood, the dog does beginning to have some degree of nausea but since it is NOT outside... it is eating or scarfing up whatever (odds and ends - like cat hair - similar to grass) it can find (inside) to try and get itself (irritated enough....) to be able to throw up. The cat hair - probably does not work well, as a rule. But long grass IS a well known irritant that dogs commonly ingest..... to cause themselves to vomit or purge, if they feel nauseous.

    You need to consult with your vet, if this occurs fairly often. Your whole family needs to keep a dairy on when this happens (time, or times of day). Some dogs who have a very empty stomach (and may have gone too long between meals and/or may developed low blood sugar) OR who only eat one meal a day can all get nauseous - and tend to produce only bile, with the recently ingested grass. The easiest FIX is to feed the dog two, or three evenly spaced meals per day, esp if this is a small breed. (Small breeds are more PRONE to low blood sugar)

    Sometimes this becomes a problem, in OLDER large breed dogs. I had a 9 yr. dog who was already getting two evenly spaced meals per day but still began to get sick shortly BEFORE her NEXT meal, so we began to give her a dog biscuit between meals (and it fixed the problem). But that may or may not be the issue.

    Some dogs ingest things they cannot digest and these things (sometimes a BUNCH of them) actually sit - long term (in the stomach) until an x-ray is done & they have to be removed surgically.

    Again, best to consult your vet, with all the details on your case.

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      Thanks! Ill try to make sure my parents take her in to get checked up, just in case :)

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    Most likely it's due to the damage in her stomach because of the road salt incident. Dogs don't eat/puke in order to 'get attention'. If they want attention, they will come up to you, touch you with their paw, bark or whine plaintively, or sometimes spin in a circle. They're not passive/aggressive like people are. They do not 'play the victim'.

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      The dog was seen & treated by a vet, Long term damage DOES NOT HAPPEN to the digestive tract under those circumstances.

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    Here is some sites that may answer your question. I googled, "dog will act like shes going to throw up, then swallows it and just keeps doing it"

    dog will act like shes going to throw up, then swallows it and just keeps doing it

    I think you dog needs to see a Vet. There are no Vets on this site to help you. Just strangers, children & trolls.

    You need to take the dog in to see a Vet to find out what is going on & find a way to stop it. Rely on your Vet when it comes to your dog.

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