Boy names for comic?

Im trying to find a name for a male protagonist. Im looking for a double name that sounds good when shortened. Eg Jason-Dean or JD for short.

Any ideas?

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    Consider a tie in some how to his "ability?" You don't say he is a super hero, but is the dude good with blades? If so, what about Edge Grayson (EG)?

    Regardless, suggest using "hard" consonant sounds in the name - Grayson, Grissim, Derringer......

    Good with pistols? Derringer Roverson (DR - "the Dr. to you")

    Stay away from same initial names.... David Davidson renders DD which "sounds" feminine. Same with GG, JJ, CC, etc.

    Good luck. Not sure this helped at all.

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    Julius Wade (JW)

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