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When to use "ERO" AND "STAVO" IN ITALIAN??

Is "ERO" used for locations like where you were???

is "STAVO" like what you were doing?

Whats the difference???

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    "ERO" is also used to express location, for example "Ero in città" means "I was in the city".

    You can translate ERO with "was", so you can also use that word to express the way you feel or were.

    "Ero felice" -> I was happy

    "Da bambino ero grasso" --> I was fat when I was a child.

    "Stavo" it's also used to express where you were, but just in south italy and it's an informally and grammar incorrectly way to say it.

    So is better to prefer the use of ERO to express location (10 mesi fa ero a Londra -> 10 months ago I was in London)

    You use "Stavo" to express something you where doing. It can be translated as "I was"

    E.g. Stavo mangiando la pizza -> I was eating pizza

    "Che stavi facendo ieri?" -> "What were you doing yesterday?"

    "Stavo scrivendo una lettera" -> "I was writing a letter"

    Hope I helped you ^_^

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    Here come the goofballs claiming it's just like in Spanish and Portuguese. It most certainly is not. I've already answered this question, posted by someone with the same avatar. I provided sources.

    They are mostly very different words, with a handful of memorizable exceptions.

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