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Did ancient Egyptian inspired African societies and villages to marry their aunt, uncle, sister, and 'brother'?

or was this a side effect of the slave trade

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    Egypt was more likely influenced by Nubians, Sudanese, & Horn of Africa as this were where Ancient Egypt, & Ancient Arabia harvested slaves from. If Ilhan Omar married her brother for immigration purpose, it's mostly due to cultural history.

    Early Humans (scientific adam & eve) invented incest in East Africa. After Adam died, Eve concieved children with Kaine, then siblings concieved children & became traditional.

    Since then this has been a cultural norm throughout Sub Sahara until early 1900s (20th century). The practice marrying your aunt, uncle, niece, nephew, brother & sister even influenced Egypt.

    Sub Saharan Tradition allowed slavery openly practice until mid 1960s then it was kept low profile or secretly.

    Tradition is also why rituals of sacrificing captives from raids or warfare in a very sub Saharan ritual (witchcraft/voodoo) & eating them to gain some super strength, invulnerability, courage in battle by warlords & their soldiers/warriors.

    The East Arabian & Trans-Atlantic Slave Trade probably saved allot of sub-Saharans sold off to N. Africa, Mid East, India, & the Americas from becoming sacrificial offerings as dinner, launch & breakfast.

    General butt Naked during the Liberian Civil War Sacrificed & ate children. In an interview with VICE (Cannibal Warlords of Liberia) he reminisced of being served human meat in Nigeria, & the practice is secretly occurring throughout Sub Sahara Africa.

    Gorilla or Chimp bush meat & dog consumption is disgusting or unappealing in the west that is openly being practiced in Sub Sahara Africa.

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    Likely cultural. Muslims can marry their cousin, uncle, and aunt.

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    At different times, both influenced each other a great deal, just as both were under each others control at different times and such.

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