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How often and how my should I feed my fledgling waxwing?

Yesterday my dog found a little baby bird outside, I’m not sure how old he is but he’s definitely a fledgling as he’s trying to fly and has feathers but not his adult ones. His foot is injured so I’m taking care of that. How often and how much should I be feeding him? His schedule I’ve started on him today is 6am (which he didnt want to eat it this morning from his last feeding at 7pm yesterday), 9:30am, 1pm, 4pm and lastly 8pm. I’m feeding him berries, wet dog food and the powder for baby birds. I use a syringe and he usually only eats 1ml per feeding, is that normal? Am I over feeding or too little?

*before you say I should of left him where he was, I did. I left him in box out and no bird ever came. I took him inside and kept him immediately when a cat was only 3 feet away from his box trying to get him. His foot is also injured like I said and he wouldn’t of made it anyways. There is no near animal wildlife center or rehabilitation center than can take him either*

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    I am a wildlife carer but from another continent so have not cared for waxwings.

    From what I have read they normally eat sugary fruits, like berries so meat (dogfood) would not be part of their diet.

    Berries should be mashed. Often it is easier to get a small jar of baby food in a berry/bannana/apple blend to make sure it is pureed fine enough to fit in syringe.

    A little of the baby bird powder (hopefully contains calcium) mixed in is good.

    If you can step up the schedulre to fit in 5 feeds, that may be better but current schedule is ok for a fledgeling. A nestling should be aiming for 6 meals.

    Are you warming the food slightly? Baby birds expect their meals at body temp and their body temp is slightly higher than yours. It should feel warm (not hot) to you.

    You should be encouraging it to continue eating until it's crop is full.

    Good luck!

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