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Mystic River question?

Why did Dave (Tim Robbins) admit to killing Jimmy (Sean Penn) when he clearly did not?

Its an amazing film but many unanswered questions

also why did Dave's wife say he did to Jimmy, that surely was the reason Jimmy suspected him?

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    Your question perhaps needs a little better wording..........but he did not admit to Killing Jimmy.

    he admitted to Killing Jimmy's daughter, to Jimmy.......even though, he did not.

    What the movie clearly established, was that he was a little messed up in the head.......clearly from the sexual abuse he suffered when he was kidnapped as a child..........

    and then he snapped and killed the pervert in the park, the same night Jimmy's daughter went missing.

    Thats why, when he came home, covered in blood.........he asked his wife to ask him no questions........because he did in fact, just kill someone.......but not Jimmy's daughter.

    The wife, not knowing what to believe........or think.......admitted to Jimmy, that Dave came home covered in blood that night.

    Jimmy, naturally, made the obvious connection.........and believed Dave was the culprit for his daughters grisly Death.

    Dave perhaps had a Death wish, because he couldn't deal with the abuse he suffered any longer, or the fact, that he just killed a man himself. In a weird , bizarre way.......he knew Jimmy needed closure.....or Revenge, and so pretended he killed his daughter..........and fulfilled his Death wish.

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    I think you're confused. Dave told Jimmy that he killed Jimmy's daughter, Katie.

    The night Katie was murdered, Dave had seen her at a bar. Later he comes home with an injured hand and blood on his clothing. He tells his wife that he fought off an attacker and injured the guy bad, possibly fatally. Dave's wife becomes suspicious because Dave is acting strange and because she can't find any news stories about an injured or dead man being found. She eventually confides her suspicions to Jimmy, saying that she's worried that Dave might have done something bad. Jimmy, who has heard that the police questioned Dave, thinks that Dave killed his daughter. He gets Dave drunk and then threatens his life. Dave explains that he really got the injury when he caught a man having sex with a child prostitute and killed him (Dave himself is a sex abuse survivor). Jimmy doesn't believe him, however. He tells Dave that if he confesses he will let him live, so Dave falsely confesses to killing Katie. Satisfied that Dave did it, Jimmy kills him.

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