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i had a dream my friend was mentally unstable, should i worry about him?

I have been pretty isolated this summer as i prefer to go sorta incognito and spend time on my own opposed from hanging out with friends. i was even thinking about this certain friend in particular but when i was sleeping i had a dream and he came over to my house. i did something silly like throwing a bottle at the ceiling and it made a noise and he started crying "why would you do that!" i kinda just said sorry a lot of times and we moved on. then i did it again and he went BALLISTIC. He started SCREAMING " WHY WOULD YOU DO THAT" and saying im sorry im sorry wasnt enough and i had to go run away and tell my mom that he was CRAZY and that he needed to leave, at which point i woke up abbruptly to a thunderstorm. was my subconcious trying to ask me why i would do something or is my friend not ok?


wasnt thinking about this friend

Update 2:

to be clear the noise wasnt scaring him it was just me throwing stuff at the wall, any actual dream interpererters?

Update 3:

when he was screaming why would you do that it was almost for no reason, we were messing around and stuff. He started screaming like someone was killing him. i can still see his crying face and stuff when i close my eyes. he appeared to be going crazy.

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    In this dream you show incredible wisdom in being alone, in solitude; in dealing with your emotions and baggage, however, even if you think you can confide in some friends, they might not be mature enough to handle your depth at this time. You might appear out of control to them, or someone you think can handle your skeletons, so be careful who you open up to trust, or when you choose to open up too timing.

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    Your dream pictures you doing cruel things on purpose, knowing full well that this person is subject to fear of loud noises. There are people like that. They kind of live in their own little world and than an abrupt noise kind of jangles their nerves. It kind of shakes them out of their peaceful inner world. To many people this is a noisy and fearful place to live, so to deliberately do something like this, is rather cruel. Ask yourself what kind of person you want be in Life. Try to have sympathy for people with great fears like this!

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  • 6 months ago

    If you enjoy worrying then, yes, Go for it. This is as good a thing to worry over as any.

    Else, no.

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