Brown wire from truck side is hot all the time and tail lights will not go out. Where is the problem and how do I remedy it?

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  • 6 months ago

    Look up the vehicle schematic or color code and what circuit it serves, then see where it's shorted. If it's a GM or GMC truck, they have a problem with the brake switch relay. I took mine apart, burnished the contacts clean, and never had that problem again.

    • jim6 months agoReport

      Thank You

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  • J J
    Lv 7
    6 months ago

    Boy this is a good one. The brown wire is for the parking lights in most vehicles but you say the tail lights. So along with a lot of things you left out is weather the "tail lights" are the only lights that are on or are all the "parking lights" on? And what does "the truck side" mean?

    • jim6 months agoReport

      By truck side I meant the part of the plug that is permanent on the truck. With the plug, plugged
      in and the switch on the tail lights and side markers are also on. When the key is turned off they
      stay lite. the only way to shut them off is to unplug them. This is on a 2014 Chevy
      1500 LT

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