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Hair loss when only shampooing hair?

So recently I started noticing what I feel like is noticeable thinning on top of my head. I tried to figure it how I was possibly thinning so I narrowed it down to when I’m shampooing my hair. I lose about 10-20 hairs every time I shampooed. I thought it was just my hair being wet but when I cleaned all the shampoo out my hair I don’t lose anymore strands. I’ve been using this shampo for a while and I started to notice this recently so I don’t think it’s the shampoo. Anyone experience the same thing?

Also take a shot every time I said shampoo :)

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  • marty
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    1 year ago

    While washing hair is sometimes blamed for excessive hair loss, the process of wetting, shampooing and massaging the hair simply aids in the shedding of already-loose hair strands. If excessive shedding or abnormal hair loss occurs, this is related to something other than shampooing or washing the hair.

  • WB
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    1 year ago

    Try a different shampoo for a week. If it stops, throw the old shampoo away.

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