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Discharge coming from penis?

I have a sperm like discharge coming from my urethra and there is a bit of itchiness in my urethra. I had Chlamydia years ago and have been checked multiple time after being treated, my results would always come up clean. I’ve only had one partner these past few years and I know that she doesn’t sleep around either. The discharge isn’t pus or mucus like because as I said before I had Chlamydia before and the discharge doesn’t look or smell like either of those things. It looks more like a sperm discharge from previous sexual intercourse. I just want to know that would it possible for the Chlamydia to come back or is it something else?

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    The only way to tell what this is is to be seen. chlamydia doesnt spontaneously arise, and this could be just prostatic fluid/ But only tests and an exam can determine this.

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