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Would it be cruel to kick my son out?

My son just graduated high school a few months ago and isn't going to college. He also refuses to get a job. He stays home and plays video games all day and all night.It's been like that for the past 3 months. Should I tell him that unless he gets a job, he will have to leave my house?

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    5 months ago

    18-21 is that sensitive age where boys think they're men, but they're not there yet. A firm hand from either the mother or the father is necessary, because they still need to be controlled.

    Walk in when he's playing, and switch the power off. Tell him you won't allow him to play until he contributes to the house. He is to find a job, and until he does, he will clean the house, mow the lawn, or wash up. Whatever you need.

  • 5 months ago

    Give him a month to move out then he will learn the heard way if he doesn't get his act together, people these days feel entitled like they dont have to do f**k all

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    This could get sticky. Since he lives there you would have to evict him, if he is savey enough to know that. If not, then tell him he's got one week to apply to five jobs for a week and if he doesn't get a job in two weeks he'll have to find someone else to leach off of. You no longer have to house him, as he is an adult that refuses to go to college or get a job. Make sure he's not using drugs. You are also enabling him by allowing him to sit home and play video games. If you have to go out and work so does he. If he does make him pay rent and save money for his own place, because you aren't going to allow him to live off of you when he decides to get fired or to stop working to play video games. Also I'd take his video game system away and out of the house until he finds a job and if he does not then he needs to find a new place to live and that is when you'll return his game system and then change the locks on the door. Sometimes tough love is the best love, because it causes growth. If not then they will definitely learn the hard way. Good luck. Love him enough to force him to grow up.

  • 5 months ago

    No it wouldn't it would be cruel to let him not make anything of himself. Him atleast getting a job and his own place would be two accomplishments on their own. Try talking to him and if he's not listening then just tell him.

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  • 5 months ago

    Hell i would.. sounds like u spoiled him to much and thats why he ended up this way.. why dont u drop him off at a recruiters office.. he dk what he wants to do.. join the military

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    My father tossed me out the day after graduation. In 1982 I turned 18 four months before graduation. Had a job since I turned 16 in 1980. I paid $10 a week in 1980, $15 per week in 1981 and 1982. About 3 weeks before graduation, I was told rent was going to $50 per week. I offered $20 and he walked away without a word.Then he tossed me, literally.

  • Anonymous
    5 months ago

    No it’s not cruel he needs to be an adult and get a job there’s no reason or excuse for him to rely on his parents just to play video games all day.

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    No, do not kick him out, just be a stricter parent.

    Stop cooking for him.

    Stop washing his clothes.

    Stop cleaning up after him.

    Stop buying his favorite foods.

    Let him know that while he is living under your roof, you make the rules.

    Change your internet password so he cannot gain access to the internet, if you have the guts to do so.

    If he has a car, stop paying his insurance so he cannot drive. Do not lend him your car. Drive him to job interviews.

    In other words, STOP making his freeloading life easy.

    You are the parent. This is your house he lives in. YOU MAKE THE RULES, regardless if he is 18 or not.

    Be firm.

    You are not helpless and he does not deserve to be homeless either. Whip that boy into shape and grow a backbone.

  • Kelly
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    5 months ago

    Really you should be kicking yourself in the *** because this is what you raised.

    My daughter graduated high school a few months ago as well and she worked all through high school First we taught her that if she wanted something, she had to work to get it. Plus she liked having/earning her own money. It also taught her to manage money, time management and things like that. It didn't affect her education, she graduated valedictorian.

    None of my kids are lazy, we always gave them age appropriate chores and responsibility around the house.

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    How well do you actually know your son? WHY can’t he get started? Bet he has been this way for a good while now. But, having structure till this point in his life has masked it. Whatever it is. Try telling him specifically where to go and what to do to find a job. Janitorial services are almost always looking for workers. He doesn’t seem to mind being alone either.

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