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I want to keep my identity private? I made a comment and my full email address appeared after I posted it so I deleted it immediately.?

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    5 months ago

    You cannot be private on the internet, once you have an e mail address it is there for all the world to see, you have to come off all social media to be private, never buy anything on line, do nothing, have no computers, smart phones, nothing.

  • 5 months ago

    Only YOU can see that. Other people see your user name on comments. Go back to that question and answer and your comment and you should see your user name. It freaked me out too at first, but then I realized what was happening.

    • Bujka4 months agoReport

      When I do what I whant what can I do..

  • 5 months ago

    Then you have nothing to be concerned about. I left my email address for someone in the comments section and once I knew that she had it I deleted it as well. You used to be able to contact people through a third party system but like other things they did away with that a while ago.

  • Satan
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    5 months ago

    well, why not create a bogus profile, complete with a new email address to back this up?

    I have several for winding up scammers

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