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Does a Crawfish have to eat it’s entire exoskeleton after a shed?

My red Crawfish, who I named Horatio came into our home around two months ago. With him came a 10 gallon tank, fine gravel, a few clay pots for him to hide in, rocks, ship pellets and another Crawfish, who I named Hamlet.

The pet store owner told me that if a female and male lived together, I wouldn’t need a larger tank, that wasn’t the case. Horatio killed Hamlet.

Now, he’s gone through the first molt I’ve seen since I’ve had him in my care. He ate most of his Exoskeleton, but not the claws or the tail. It took over a week, and I put the bits of his exoskeleton in his new tank, but he hasn’t eaten them yet.

I think it’s worth mentioning that I kept a white Crawfish for two years before he died of exoskeleton mold, which I couldn’t find a treatment for.

Now, Horatio is doing pretty good. He’s eating well, though he prefers frozen peas to shrimp pallets. He’s sleeping on schedule, and his personality is still horrible.

My question is, can I remove the exoskeleton without consequences? I’m not sure if he’ll eat them, but I don’t want to hurt him.

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  • 5 months ago

    By now his new exoskeleton has hardened and he no longer needs the minerals from the old one.

    As long as he's allowed to feed from it for just a few days and has a proper diet you don't need to leave it in there for more than a few days.

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