Correct my Japanese?

Can someone please just check my Japanese for me to make sure the grammer is correct or if their is possibly a more common way of saying it.




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  • Ben
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    6 months ago
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    The first two seem like phrases for working as a waiter. There are some grammatical mistakes with the second sentence, but also one should be more polite when serving people; basic polite language isn't really enough.

    Grammatically, the first sentence is correct. However, normally when serving one would say:


    or even


    for extra politeness.

    For the second sentence, I am unsure whether you are trying to say "Do you want a Japanese menu?" or "You wanted a Japanese menu?"

    Either way, in Japanese asking someone to whom you ought to be showing respect if they want something is considered rude, and should be avoided unless absolutely necessary.

    I'm going to assume you wanted to say "Would you like a Japanese menu?", but what exactly you should say would depend on the exact context.

    If they already know that you have a Japanese menu, you should go for:


    If they don't know you have one, then preface that question by first informing them that there is one, with something along the lines of:


    The third sentence should be


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  • Anonymous
    6 months ago

    You need a question mark if you ask the other party.


    "日本語のメーニューをほしがったですか。" and "写真を撮りしましょうか。" do not understand the meaning.

    Shall I take a picture? If you ask, "写真をお撮りしましょうか?" is correct.

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