Why is the Lion King Live Action movie so much more popular than Aladdin?

My town has a luxury movie theater (Silverspot Cinema),

I remember when Aladdin live action came out,

I went to see it on the first day,

(technically it was released Friday May 24th but they have showings a day early Thursday May 23rd)

I saw it that Thursday at 6pm...

(it was the first showing of it for that day, there was another at 9pm)....

So there I was, Thursday at 6pm...

there were so many EMPTY seats --

I had half the row to myself.

I assumed Lion King would be a similar situation....

not the case; all the good seats for Thursday 7/18/19 at 6pm are SOLD OUT.

Why is that?

I thought Lion King and Aladdin were similar in popularity?

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  • 7 months ago
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    The Lion King is definitely more of a classic than Aladdin. I feel like most people wouldn’t go see Aladdin unless they are actually a fan of it, but with the lion king, people will go see that regardless of how big of a fan they are... it’s more of a novelty

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  • 7 months ago

    Because The Lion King is a better movie overall.

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