Cooked chicken illness?

So I brought a cooked chicken out of Tesco yesterday afternoon, and a few rools on it fed the day as she wasn't eating her normal dog food, I felt fine for the rest of the day, than at half past 11/12 she wanted out for a pee and while I was waiting on her coming back in I ate what was left of the white chicken, That I had kept in the over and it was only a few mouth fulls maybe only enough to fit on one roll, and about 5/10 minutes later I felt unbelievable nauseous, I told bags upstairs just intcase I was sick and couldn't get to the bathroom on time, I slept through it and now I've woken up today feeling just as nauseous, and I'm having really bad diarrhoea every 10 minutes and I'm feeling really drained, is this cause but the chicken? Is it food poisoning? Any advice or tips would be helpful.

2 Answers

  • 7 months ago

    When you have a chicken cooking, they always add too much bird seed. Good help is hard to find. Next time, hire a human. Foods have to be maintained at a sufficient heat or pathogens will grow and cause diarrhea.

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  • Anonymous
    7 months ago

    Call NHS 111 and see what they say.

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