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My brother is 5'8 (173cm) tall and 12 years old. Is he going to get any taller?

My little brother is 5'8 at 12 years and hes been feeling really depressed lately because he's scared that he's already had his growth spurt and wont get any taller (hence will remain what is considered "short" for guys in his adulthood) . The thing is that he's always been insanely tall for his age ever since he was a toddler and hasnt had any "growth spurts" as of yet. I'm trying to placate him but he's inconsolable because apparently some kids in school have been telling him that thats about as tall as he's going to get and even though he's a strong kid all the teasing really got to him. I know boys get their growth spurts in their teenage years so im confident he'll grow taller but im not really sure. Either way it shouldnt bother him bc imo 5'8 is plenty tall already but i was just wondering if there are any sources i could be linked to that show/explain he could potentially grow any taller just for his own consolation? Thank you in advance.

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  • 5 months ago

    He's already tall for his age and he's only going to get taller. He could start growing at any point. He could reach his full height at 14 (like my son did) or he could continue growing until he's 18. There's no way to tell, but if the rest of his family is fairly tall, he will be, too.

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    A boy will not likely be done growing at his age. he has nothing to worry about. most guys stop growing around 18-20. here's a few links



  • 5 months ago

    Lot of things to considered, height of parents, height of siblings, health, hormones, type of physical activity, diet, even geographical location.

    Boys can attend maximum full height up to age 21.

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    5 months ago

    damn, I was like 6'2 when i was 12.

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