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Today I got a ticket for parking backward into the parking space .?

the funny part was that two parking enforcement was there when I parked my car (they saw me) after parking my car I went to pay starting (we have to pay before we leave the parking sport a 1$ for hours) while I was paying one of the officers came behind me passed me and said nothing at 10:55 am I payed and then walked toward them, we greet each other and then I went to my bank to deposit some money when I came out I saw a ticket on my car. they put tickets on my car at 11:01. they could tell me to park my car correctly by the parking policy, but they wait for me to leave to put tickets on my car. if I contest this parking ticket do I have to chance to win it??

BTW the parking lot had a sign to not park backward into the parking spaces.


Today I got a ticket for parking backward into the parking space !!!

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  • 1 year ago

    Tomorrow will be better for you, hopefully.

  • Lili
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    1 year ago

    "Paid," not "payed".

    You screwed up; you pay.

  • Anonymous
    1 year ago

    BTW the parking lot had a sign to not park backward into the parking spaces. But you decided not to follow the directions on the sign.? Are you brain dead or what? They have their reasons for no backward driving. YOU PAY, YOU PAY,, YOU PAY. No issue had you followed the rules.

    No chance in winning because you would have to admit you are BLIND. There goes the driver's license.

    . The only reason that comes to mind is that you display a parking ticket on your front windshield while the car is parked. This was the parking attendant sees only front windshields when everyone is parked properly. They do not have to go to the other end of the car to see your time ticket. Their parking lot...their rules. As it is WRITTEN. You can't contest clearly posted signs.

    That is the funny are willing to pay EXTRA for the fine. smfh

  • Katie
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    1 year ago

    Where was the sign that had the policy on and how big was the print on the sign.

    25 years ago me and lots of other motorists were parked in a car park on a sunday. There was 1 tiny sign, with small print on, at the entrance saying that the car park would be locked at 3pm. None of the motorists saw what was written on the sign. The car park management company wanted to charge each motorist £25 for the keyholder to come and release us. All the motorists successfully appealed the charge, the city council (who owned the car park) admitted that the locking time and release fee should have been mentioned in at least 6 other places.

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  • 1 year ago

    Just remember the first gospel of driving: "The Driver is responsible"

    You failed to see the sign.

    You parked incorrectly

    You pay

  • Ron
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    1 year ago

    So what? If I drove over the speed limit all the time and never get a ticket, does that mean I will never get a ticket?

  • Phil M
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    1 year ago

    They probably figured you wouldn't ignore the ticket like you did the sign.

  • 1 year ago

    there was only one sign at the entrance that was saying that nowhere else and it was 3 sign over each other one was for amount that we have to pay with big letter and the rest had small letters so it was hard to read when you drive into that parking lot.

    "A parking enforcement officer monitors roads and lots, ensuring drivers abide by local and state parking laws. They typically hand out citations and communicate with drivers, also working as meter maids and traffic controllers."

    according to their duty summery they failed to do the communicate part and also that was part of the traffic controllers that they failed to do

  • 1 year ago

    If this is true, it's irrefutable, I'm afraid. You were parked the wrong way round against the rules, that cannot be disputed. Admittedly some parking people will go outside their remit and point out your error before considering a ticket, but you cannot expect them not to do their job..

  • Satan
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    1 year ago

    Zero chance of winning.

    They dont have to tell you anything. If you don't pay attention to the signs telling you to park correctly, why would you pay attention to an official?

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