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Do you know the signs of having a stroke and when you should call for help?

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    yes it is called FAST

    F- Face numbness or face turning to side

    A- Arm not moving or numbness

    S= Speech affected

    T -Time

    If you have any of the above and feel different then call the emergency

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      If your checking for a stroke use FAST
      F- limits in Facial expression
      A-Problems lifting both arms
      S-struggling to repeat a simple sentence
      T-Writ’s down the time and call emergency services ASAP
      I am Red Cross certified in this!😊

  • kim
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    Stay hydrated that means drink water so that you will be successful with ER meds for stroke. Otherwise meds will not help and may be detormental . Also drink 1/4 cup OJ daily and your chance of stroke goes down.

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    Generally it's a half body expierence. That is only on one side.

    Or loss of speach. Speach being located on one side of brain.

    Source(s): Yeah, that FAST thing is a good answer
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    I don’t really know

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  • John
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    Rarely is help needed for strokes except during extreme paralyisis.

    Kinda like needing help for a heart attack when your heart has completely stops.

    Strokes heart attacks and other what's sold as 'dehabilitating'

    Are overrated for emergencies.

    Chances are you'll have many minor strikes and heart attacks throughout your life but when you pass on it'll be from 'old age' unless you have useable body parts the system can sell.

  • Alfred
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    sudden slurred speech.

    sudden uneven face

    sudden or gradually limb weakness - arm or leg... or sudden numbness.

    and exactly as with acute coronary events ( heart attacks or unstable angina) , for acute cerebrovascular events ( stroke) ,'' time is brain'' = the faster one gets to the Emergency Room - the better the prognosis for salvaging one's brain

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    I had one, so yes I do.......

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    having a stroke means the side opposite of the side of the brain thats affected Will begin to be numb or BE totally dead depending on how Bad The Blockage is .... WHen A Paramedic arrives and suspects a stroke (Droopy side of the face drooling even ) in ability to speak clearly ( they might ask a family member if the is Normal... after all YOU live with opr Know them we dont we see thousands of people of all sorts They will ask the person to grab both index fingers with they're hands and squeeze ( if one side IS seriously weaker ) thats the best indicator ubtil a CT scan can be done to see the blockage

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    Yes. Arm discomfort that extends to the shoulder and chest, neck and eventually head. Usually the right arm, and yes as soon as you get the arm discomfort pick up the aspirin 75 mg you have at home, take a couple of them while you are on hold for the ambulance.

    If you are on prescription for nitroglycerin then that's better of course.

    This is a full list

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