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How exactly did vegeta and bulma get together?

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  • Diana
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    6 months ago
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    I recall an episode where Vegeta's clothing was damaged and Bulma let him use her shower and gave him a ridiculous pink shirt that said "Bad Man" on it. This is the first time that Bulma lost her fear of Vegeta and tried to take care of him in some way. I think that this is where their relationship actually began.

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  • Liar
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    7 months ago

    From the early days of Dragon Ball, Bulma was clearly attracted to bad boys. Yamcha, for example, was a bandit who had tried to rob them. Additionally, she'd crushed on a shape-shifted Oolong at a time when he was kidnapping girls from a village, as well as a member of the Red Ribbon Army.

    Considering all that, it'd be no wonder she'd feel attracted to Vegeta, who's basically the ultimate "I can change him" sort of guy.

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  • Anonymous
    7 months ago

    Vegetarian and Bulimia got together in a mental hospital for eating disorders.

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