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Why am I unhappy?

I been an amazing relationship for years and have a happy healthy family yet I don’t feel too happy. I still feel lonely. I am only 32 and feel like I need a group of friends. How do I make friends when I am self employed?

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    Get out of the house more. Do gym classes, join a church, volunteer on weekends, get yourself OUT of the house. You never know where you could meet someone nice.

  • 5 months ago

    friends arent a big deal

  • 5 months ago

    Join clubs or classes that involve your interests. Drama group, cookery class, language group, book club …..

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    5 months ago

    Your family and wife are your friends now. What you need are buddies.

    Golf buddies, drinking buddies, gym buddies, cycling buddies. An evening down the pool hall. Company other than your nuclear family. Invite your neighbours round for barbecues or even the dreaded dinner party.

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