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Yugioh question?

If my opponent has only Dark Magician face up on his side of the field and also has a face up Eternal Soul, if I activated Creature Swap would Dark Magician get protected by Eternal Soul or doesn't it?


does it not?*

1 Answer

  • Cantra
    Lv 7
    6 months ago

    Their Dark Magician is 'unaffected by the opponent's card effects'. You can't destroy, manipulate, or otherwise affect it with a card effect, including spells, traps or monster effects. You would still be able to activate Creature Swap and the opponent can pick their Dark Magician (they could pick him even if they had other, non-protected monsters) but then the rest of Creature Swaps effect will fail because it's unable to take control of the Dark Magician.

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