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How to become independent from parents?

So I have this fear that I won’t be able to become fully independent from my parents once I graduate college. I have this dream to live alone and work abroad. I can’t imagine being going back to live with my parents but I feel like they will manage to trap me and I won’t be able to gain my freedom. Even as an adult, I don’t feel like I have the rights of an adult or to do whatever I want as an adult. How do I get rid of this fear? It’s giving me so much anxiety!

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    First of all you have to realize your parents have no control of "who" you want to become in life. Sure they can guide you but they can't force you to take a certain path in life. Second it's your life (You need to realize how amazing you are as a person and the great qualities you have) Go ahead and just live your life to the best achieving all yours goals you every wanted and that can be anything!! As long as it isn't CRIME or DRUGS that could be your career or maybe you want to become a great dad or mom. Start living your life today and not giving A FK what your mom or dad or anyone "thinks" is one of the biggest challenges most young people fear.

    Third Take a step back and just appreciate life for what it is, Don't be too egotistical and Don't be too lazy and start thinking that your parents will support you forever. Good Luck! And remember a good student is always learning.

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    So you can't even get to the point where you can live on your own and you have a dream of working abroad? Keep dreaming, buddy.

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