I mixed a leftover liquid soap and a leftover desinfectant gel from one of those soap like dispensers. Just thought why not. Then a chemical?

Reaction occured. The resulting soap was suddenly liquid like water instead gel like as before (both liquids where gel like). Additionally a white snowlike thing inside the soap formed. As it looked disgusting I filtered out the white thing with a regular kitchen screen. I also noticed that the liquid had gotten really warm. Like this was definetely and exothermic chemical reaction. I suppose the part of the desinfectant that makes it a gel instead of liquid reacted with the soap or something in the soap? Is this okay to use now? And simply out of curiosity, does anyone know what reaction took place there?

1 Answer

  • 5 months ago

    True soaps tend to be slightly alkaline while other "soaps" (actually detergents) are slightly acidic, so you get the neutralisation reaction you described.

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