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Can you survive Alzheimer's?

I know there's no cure, but will it always kill you, or can you live with it, and eventually die of old age?

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  • Anonymous
    6 months ago

    Sure, The trick is in the words.

    Nobody "Dies from Alzheimer" it is not that kind of disease.

    When under care it is the responsibility of the Care Seller to keep the person alive and healthy.

    A person will die of natural causes, Unless somebody slips up in the care field.

    Keeping the person up and healthy to avoid complications, like Pneumonia, or not taking medications, slips and falls. Avoiding bed sores.

    Keeping the person fed, and bathed. Out of trouble mishandling common devices, etc.

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  • Anonymous
    6 months ago

    I don't think so, both of my parents died from Alzheimer's, my dad died at 57 and my mom died at 71. My dad got it early.

    • Chae- Won6 months agoReport

      Sorry to hear that about your parents. Both ages are not really that old today. I have a policy. Don't make older people feel old because I cannot imagine either age but 57, most people to over 70-75. Again, I am so sorry. I care because 18, you will live longer than me. I am not selfish.

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