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How can I stop feeling so much distress?

I thought that after high school, that was it. College was not going to be a social situation and I could just avoid all the assholes. I started a group chat for my college class and they started bullying my professor behind her back. I was in awe, especially since I had chosen a 4-year university over community college. How could these people be paying so much money for their tuition and find so much time in their day to insult and disrespect someone who is trying to teach.

I advocated for her and I got called something along the lines of a mood killer and more. I just feel really distressed. I hate how evil these people are and it's hard to not pay attention to this. I have a hard time finding value in a life where there is so much hate surrounding me. I just want good energy and this class is sucking that positivity out of me. What do I do? How can I feel better?

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    I know how hard it can be to know there are people out there talking about you unfairly. I struggled with that in middle school, High school, and college, especially junior year. As you grow up, you learn to just deal with it.

    What I’ve learned about haters is that thy hate to see the person they hate happy/thriving. Carry yourself high, don’t even glance their way/act like you don’t know or care about them. Look really put together for class, participate a lot, and do really well. And most importantly, smile. Look and sound happy with your friends/in general. It’ll first make them even more bitter to see you so unaffected, and then theyll notice that while they’re being bitter, you’re happy. they’ll realize they’re wasting their time and energy and they’ll move on.

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      Thank you <3 I appreciate that wholeheartedly.

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    you can’t change other people’s negative words and actions. You can only focus on yourself. Ignore your classmates who’s personalities you don’t like, go and learn in your class, and make some friends who you vibe with and enjoy. Realize what you’re feeling so distressed about doesn’t effect you and take some time to take care of yourself and find some peace

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