I m stuck in my room....doorknob broke.?

i live alone. my front door is also locked so no-one else can get in to help. i don t know what to do...its been hours.
Update: edit: the window won't work, i'm 4 stories up :/
Update 2: i want out :( (also tried 911, they told me it's not an emergency.) Hinges on the other side.

really don't want to break the door. any other suggestions?
Update 3: i've got the doorknob off but it still won't budge...i might need to wait till tomorrow to call maintenence.
Update 4: edit: wrong category...guys i'm still stuckkk
Update 5: edit: i'm sill locked in here. but thanks guys. i'll get in touch with maintenence when i'm up.

thank god i don't have to pee..

i'll update when i am actually out.
Update 6: i'm still stuck but maintenence is* on their way, I called about an hour ago when i found my charger as my phone died.

the door does open out, i don't know why. I'll have to ask them about that when they're here.
Update 7: Final edit: _ forgot to update i am finally out after....i think 25-26 hours? god it feels good to eat T_T
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